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Childminding Accounts

Childminding Start-Up Grants

Childminding start up grants are designed to help childminders get their business up and running by helping with the costs of registration and essential equipment.

Calculate Childminding Allowable Expenses (Household)

Use our handy online tool to calculate your allowable household expenses for your childminding accounts.

Childminding Retainer Fees & Deposits

Deposits and retainer fees are charged at the start of childminding contracts to reserve places. They help ensure that a parent is committed to using the place that they have reserved and that you are not left out of pocket by keeping a vacancy open only find the parent has changed their mind about using your childminding service.

Setting Your Childminding Fees

Deciding how much to charge for your childminding service can be a difficult decision. Learn how to set your fees by calculating your expenses are comparing other local services.